Budget and Business Plan

The Village’s Budget and Business Plan acts as the financial foundation to build and maintain infrastructure and deliver services available to the community.

Every year the Village develops and adopts a Budget and Business Plan to guide activities and expenditures, as well as establish the amount of revenue required from taxation. This key document is developed to ensure activities are aligned with strategic priorities.  Roads, bridges, facilities, winter control, fire protection, recreation and a variety of other services are all funded based on the adoption of the Budget.


Financial Reporting

The Village’s Financial Statements include all assets, liabilities, equity, revenues and expenditures that are under its care and control.  Financial Statements are audited yearly by a professional accounting firm to ensure that they provide an accurate presentation of the Corporation's financial position.

Financial reporting is completed to help with decision making and increase public accountability and transparency.

2019 Arena Financial Statements 2019 Arena Financial Statements

2019 Consolidated Financial Statements 2019 Consolidated Financial Statements

Trust Fund Financial Statements 2019-06 Trust Fund Financial Statements 2019-06

2020 Budget Overview 

The Council for the Village of Burk’s Falls passed the 2020 Capital & Operating Budget on April 24, 2020.

The Budgeting process is a detailed and collaborative effort between all departments in your Municipal Government: Council, Treasury, Administration, Recreation & Public Works. A series of meetings are held between these departments to formulate and prepare a draft budget for Council’s consideration. Public meetings were held and directives from Council communicated to finalize the budget based on these Public meetings. A final budget is then presented to Council and passed via by-law.

This is the final year for the Phased-in Assessment which proved to lower the tax rate for 2020.  Council did approve an overall 2% tax levy increase to fulfil the workplan set for 2020.  Overall, this means that a house valued at $150,000 (with no assessment change in 2020) had a decrease in taxes of approximately $40.00.  Council continues to work toward improving the assessment within the Village. 

Moving into the summer of 2020 residents will see the benefits of the 2020 budget with the reconstruction of Yonge Street well underway.  This $2.3 Million project is funded under the Investing in Canada’s Infrastructure Program (Rural and Northern Stream).  The support of the Federal and Provincial Government is greatly appreciated and allows the Village to move forward with the replacement of the watermain, repair of the road base, and improving the storm sewers and replacement of sidewalk.

Next residents will see the final reconstruction phase of the Armstrong Bridge though the Province’s Connecting Link Program.  This $1M project will see final repairs to bearings and the center pier.  Syples Road will be closed throughout the construction for everyone’ safety as there will be work from the top and bottom of the bridge.  Council thanks everyone for their patience as we continue to improve the Village’s infrastructure. 

Council and staff are also working on the mandated Asset Management Plan to create a long-term practical fiscally responsible plan that will allow the rehabilitation, replacement, and creation of major assets.  Part of this strategy is to define and create service levels that are acceptable to ratepayers, yet realistic to the limit resources of the Village.  Feedback on service level is always appreciated.  This is a four-year project. 

Council also adopted the 2020-2026 Water Financial Plan that outlines the proposed expenses and capital work along with the regular operating expenditure of the water and sewer department.  Council strives to keep rates reasonable and affordable.  Recent studies and comparisons of similar sized systems indicates the rates are reasonable.  Proposed work continues the replacement of old cast iron water mains, meter replacements, and updating pumps and generators to run an efficient system.

A new project is the Community Safety and Well Being Plan mandated by the Province.  Almaguin communities have agreed to partner and work on the project as a region to ensure the agencies and organizations can provide input and collaborate among each other to match the right service to the right situation to create resolutions to problems and concerns related to the social economics.  The Community Survey saw over 440 responses with the highest priorities identified as access to health care and employment.  The Advisory Committee will meet with focus groups to work on initiatives to alleviate these roadblocks to healthy communities in Almaguin. 

The Province has provided the Village with funding to conduct a Service Delivery Review on municipal operations to discover service efficiencies and improvements.  A Community Survey results in 81 residents tell the consultants where they would like to see improvement.  The Consultants are working on creating a top 5-10 concerns list, along with possible solutions, for Council to review in September. 

Of course, 2020 has been a unique year with COVID 19.  Council and staff are working hard to continue to bring you the services you are accustomed to.  There have been many physical improvements throughout the Village with the redeployment of staff and the closure of certain facilities has provided opportunities to achieve greater improvements.  Council thanks staff for their dedication to improvements within the Village for the residents.   

Should you have any questions regarding the 2020 budget, please contact the Municipal Treasurer, Tammy Wylie        

2020 Budget Overview Pie Charts 2020 Budget Overview Pie Charts

Strategic Asset Management Policy

The Corporation of the Village of Burk’s Falls is committed to providing service to residents in a fiscally responsible manner that supports a healthy and vibrant community. With this commitment in mind, assets must be managed in a way that allows the Village to achieve its goals, plans and policies. Asset Management can be described as an integrated business approach within an organization that aims to minimize the lifecycle costs of owning, operating and maintaining assets at an acceptable level of risk, while delivering continuous established levels of service for present and future stakeholders. Infrastructure can be prioritized over time, ensuring Village assets are maintained while minimizing repair and rehabilitation costs.

To learn more about the Villages Strategic Asset Management Policy please refer to the downloadable document below. 

Strategic Asset Management Policy Strategic Asset Management Policy

Asset Management Plan

Asset Management Policy Asset Management Policy

Village of Burk's Falls Tax Billing & Collection Policy

Village of Burk's Falls Property Tax Billing & Collection Policy Village of Burk's Falls Property Tax Billing & Collection Policy


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