Burk's Falls taxes

    View the current Tax By-Law.

    Municipal Taxes for the Village of Burk’s Falls are determined by the assessed value of each property and classification of property, added to the educational tax set by Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC).

    Every four years MPAC assess your property’s’ value, the last assessment was completed as of January 1st, 2016. Current Value Assessment is determined through the comparison of recent sales of similar properties in your area. Trained MPAC assessors apply valuation and appraisal standards with best practices when making comparisons. Comparisons are combined land title documents, building permits and often onsite visits, to ensure a fair evacuation of a residential property is obtained.

    To learn more about your property’s municipal assessment click here  or 1.866.296.6722.

    How to Pay Your Taxes

    There are 2 tax installments, first is due the end of March and final is due the end September.  Residents have the option of making payment in full for each of the two annual installments for taxes or sign up for monthly payment options.  Contact the municipal office to arrange an appointment today.


    • In person at the Municipal Office, cash or cheque is accepted

    • At the bank - Payments are accepted at your bank or financial institution

    • Online banking and Telephone Banking is available:
      Payee: Burk’s Falls (Village) Taxes. Account # is your 19 digit roll number without spaces found on your tax bill.
      4922 000 00X XXXXX 0000


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