Animal Control

Burk's Falls animal bylaws


The Village of Burk’s Falls requires all dogs within the Village to be licensed, to wear current tags and be leashed at all times the animal is off the owner’s property. Having your animal licensed and tagged assists the By-law Officer in returning animals that have strayed from home.

A found, unclaimed animal will be transported to Bracebridge SPCA for safe keeping until an owner can be identified. All impound fees and retrieval costs associated with the animal are the owner’s responsibility. The owner will be required to purchase a valid dog tag, failure to do so will result in additional penalties.

Dog tags can be purchased at the Village of Burk’s Falls municipal office and are due annually as of February 15th. The cost associated with an animal tag varies by the number of dogs in a home and if the animal is spayed or neutered. Residents within the Village are permitted to have no more than three dogs per property.

License Fees 1st Dog - $10.00    |     2nd Dog - $15.00    |    Each additional dog - $ 8.00
Replacement Tag - $ 5.00
Impound Fee - $50.00

If you would like to make a complaint regarding excessive barking, stray or nuisance dog(s) or animal feces, you are asked to fill out a confidential complaint form. As By-law enforcement is complaint driven, a registered complaint is required in order for the by-law to be enforced.

By-law Officer: Jason Newman 705-477-3793

Leash Free Dog Park

The Village is pleased to offer a lush, green space right in Village where dogs can socialize, run and play with other off-leash dogs. The Dog Park is located at 140B Dimsdale Street just to the east of the baseball diamonds of the Knight Brothers Park.  The Dog Park is fully fenced in, offers plenty of running room and is supplied with "poop and scoop" bags for owners. Dogs are not permitted within the Recreation Fields as we would like to ensure our Recreation Fields are left free from deification.


The Village does not require cats to be registered in the same manner as dogs. However, residents wishing to voluntarily register their cat can do so through the municipal office. Similar to dog tags, cat tags assist with quick and convent return of animals.  At no time are animals permitted to run at large within the Village. 

Livestock/Exotic Animals

The Village of Burk’s Falls regulates all exotic animals and livestock kept within the Village. For rules and regulations governing livestock, including chickens and exotic animals, please refer to By-law No.2017-17 Care and Control of Poultry Livestock and Exotic Animals.


Although the Village is situated in a natural environment, it is uncommon for wildlife to be seen within the Village limits. Council strongly discourages residents from feeding wildlife outside of birds as this can attract unwanted wildlife. Should you come across a bear, deer, raccoon or similar wildlife, the first step is to exercise caution removing yourself from the situation calmly.

Living With Wildlife; Encountering Coyotes Living With Wildlife; Encountering Coyotes

Animal Welfare

Cruelty to any animal is not tolerated in Ontario. If you think an animal is in distress or is being abused, call 1-833-9-ANIMAL (264625).  For additional information please visit Ontario Animal Welfare.

Contact Bear With Us or for other animals visit the Ontario Wildlife Rescue to locate a suitable location for other animals.


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