Building Department

Joint Building Committee

Serving the municipalities of Burk’s Falls, Joly, Machar, Ryerson, South River, Strong and Sundridge. Located in the municipal office of the Township of Joly at, 28 Municipal Lane, Strong Township. 

Monday - Friday by appointment only, 8:30am-4:30pm.
28 Municipal Lane
Box 1120
Sundridge, ON P0A 1Z0
Phone 705-384-9444 ext 1
Fax 705-384-9445
email Chief Building Inspector 

COVID-19 Operational changes. 

The Township of Strong, as administrators of Joint Building Department (JBC), in consultation with the Chief Building Officer (CBO) have decided to not allow public access to the JBC offices. A drop box has been placed in the front lobby of the Township of Strong municipal office for correspondence. The CBO and Building Inspector will continue to practice safety when doing inspections with social distancing.

Information pertaining to Construction Projects can be found in the below attachment. 

Building Service Notice - COVID-19 2021-01-15 Building Service Notice - COVID-19 2021-01-15


Building Permit Check List and Application

It is your responsibility to book the necessary inspections during building. In general, an inspection is required before covering something up.  All documents and plans must remain onsite in order for the inspection to take place.  

Typical Inspections

The following list outlines typical inspections, other inspections may be required for non-residential structures. 

  • pre-footing - readiness to construct the footings, prior to pouring
  • pre backfill - completion of the footings and foundation, installation of weeping tile and gravel cover, prior to backfilling
  • ICF/Solid concrete walls - completion of reinforced insulated concrete forms (ICF) and solid concrete forms, prior to pouring
  • Framing - completion of structural framing
  • HVAC - completion of the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems.
  • Plumbing - installation of underground and/or above ground plumbing systems.  
  • Insulation and Vapour Barrier - completion of insulation/vapor barrier
  • Air Barrier - completion of the air barrier
  • Occupancy - conditions for residential occupancy generally include the following: required exits, handrails and guards, smoke detectors/carbon monoxide detectors, exhaust fume, barriers and self closing devices.  
  • Solid fuel appliance - after appliance is installed, but prior to covering anything up
  • Final - completion of the entire project
  • Demolition - after structure is demolished
NOTE: no building can be occupied until an occupancy or final inspection has been passed. 

Beginning January 1st, 2021 a Municipal Zoning/General Standards By-law Compliance Form is required at the time of submitting a Building Permit Application.  Applications will not be deemed complete until both the Form and Application are submitted together. 


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