Property Tax Calculator

Property Tax Calculator

This calculator provides an estimated amount of property tax that you will be billed and the distribution of municipal taxes based upon municipal services. This tool is intended for the convenience of residential property owners only.

The Property Tax Calculator is not an official record and should be used only as an estimation tool. Tax bills containing your interim and final tax amounts are mailed out by the Village of Burk’s Falls in February and August of each year. Tax certificates containing information certified to be accurate are also available from the Village of Burk’s Falls for official records and for property sales.

Municipal Tax is calculated by multiplying your property’s current year phased-in assessment by the Village’s tax rate as approved by the Council for the Village of Burk’s Falls. The tax rate is determined by the annual budget which is set by May of each year. Generally, the estimated expenses are subtracted from the estimated revenues to determine the levy amount for all ratepayers. This creates a tax rate based on each property’s assessment as provided by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC).

Education Tax is calculated by multiplying your property’s current year phased-in assessment by the education rate, as set by the Province of Ontario.

To calculate your 2019 taxes, please enter your property assessment in digits only (for example 100000).

Property Assessment

Results for residential property with an assessment value of ${{toCurrency(assessmentValue)}}

Line Item Calculation
General ${{toCurrency(assessmentValue)}} * {{taxRates.general}}% = ${{toCurrency(generalTaxRate)}}
Education ${{toCurrency(assessmentValue)}} * {{}}% = ${{toCurrency(educationTaxRate)}}
Total Taxes*= ${{toCurrency(totalTax)}}

* Please note that this amount is the total tax amount on your property. A portion of this goes to fund the Province’s Education system. This is why your total taxes are made up of a City rate and an Education rate.

Item Breakdown Rate
General {{taxRates.general}}%
Education {{}}%
Total Tax Rate = {{totalTaxRatePercentage}}%

Your 2019 City Tax Dollars at Work (numbers rounded)

Departments Budget Amount Percentage Of Budget Descriptions
${{toCurrency(computeBudgetAmount(department.taxRate))}} {{parseFloat(department.taxRate)}} %

Disclaimer: This property tax calculator provides estimates only. Tax bills containing your final amounts are mailed out by the Village of Burk’s Falls and may differ from those presented by this Calculator. Due to variances in rounding, actual allocations may differ. This application is unsuitable for purposes of transacting property sales or any other legally binding matters. To obtain information certified to be accurate, tax certificates are available from the Village of Burk’s Falls. The Village is not responsible for and will not be held liable for any damages whatsoever, including indirect, special, consequential or incidental damages, arising of or in connection with your use of, or inability to use, this application.

The property tax calculator will be updated annually to reflect the current year.

Calculations do not include capping adjustments under part IX of the Municipal Act, 2001 for commercial, industrial and multi-residential properties


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